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The Value of Education: Atlanta Administrator Boris Hurst

July 15, 2018
Back when he was working at the Therrell High Educational Complex, Boris Hurst served as principal of The School of Business and Entrepreneurship, where he played a key role in the implementation of the Senior Seminar Series, as a useful way to prepare students for the daunting college application process. That is because Boris appreciates the power of a good education, and part of a good education is a college degree. In addition to training them to apply for college, the program also showed students how to apply for college scholarships, as well, and then how to make a success of college tours, as well. That’s all in addition to helping them prepare for the SATs and arrange for college mentors.

Boris Hurst

Over the years, Boris Hurst has also been a presenter at the High Schools That Work Conference and he has been recognized by Who’s Who Among American Educators. In addition to those honors, he is also a member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. It’s not hard to figure out that Boris Hurst is certain that education is an extremely important element of anyone’s quality of life. He even made sure he got plenty of education for himself. After he graduated from Overton High in Memphis, Tennessee, Boris joined the U.S. Army Reserves, where he spent several years and learned a lot more.

At the same time he was doing that, he was also earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Alabama A&M University and he went on to earn both a Master of Education degree from Cambridge University and an Educational Specialist degree from Lincoln Memorial University.